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Taking into account our main activity — global digitalization and protection of rights in the digital space, we offer our clients patenting of various devices, algorithms, methods, ways of technical implementation of various digital solutions. Especially popular is the patenting of various software algorithms using Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, etc. Most often, such applications are filed with the US Patent Office.

To protect the results of human creative, scientific and technical activities, it is possible to obtain a patent for an invention/utility model.

A patent for an invention or utility model is a security document that confirms the priority, authorship and right to the result of creative, scientific and technical activity. It can be issued to an individual (persons) or a legal entity indicating the inventors — individuals.

Patent requirements

Patenting can be national and conditionally international. According to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, a title of protection grants exclusive rights only in the state of registration. You can make the design valid in economic blocks.

To obtain a patent, there are certain conditions for patentability. So, a patent for an invention implies a device (product), method or composition of substances, etc. It is possible to draw up in almost any jurisdiction if the application for an invention meets the three conditions of patentability:

An utility model patent  is only a technical solution, a method, not in all countries it is possible to issue a patent that meets two conditions of patentability:

What can’t be patented

It is impossible to obtain patent protection for the following objects in most countries:

In order to find out the possibility of obtaining a patent, you should contact our patent attorneys. We will determine the object of patenting, conduct a patent search, and prepare a report on the possibility of obtaining patent protection. In cases where there are a large number of relevant patents, documents, we give recommendations in which direction it is necessary to finalize the development.

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Before starting work with a client, we must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is valid until the application is submitted to the patent office. You can read the Agreement here.

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